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    Hi there, I'm Luigirulz.


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    Hi there, I'm Luigirulz.

    Post by Luigirulz on Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:30 pm

    Hello, I am Jonas Evant. I'm 13 years old and live in Norway. I'm a very good friend of BuzzNBen.
    If you find someone called TheBowserGamer, GH3master21 or Luigirulz on a site, it's probably me.

    I make video game music and let's play videos. I have seperate YouTube channels for the two. My music channel (GH3master21) is very succesfull, and has over 470 subscribers. My let's play channel (TheBowserGamer) is not as succesful, with only slightly over 40 subs... But in a community where pretty much everyone's a let's player, it's hard to get noticed, so I am not surprised.

    I hope you will check out my music channel, GH3master21. It doesn't only have music, but also some Mario animations!
    And I also hope you will pay a visit to my LP channel, TheBowserGamer. I'm not exactly very popular, so every view, like and all that stuff is highly appreciated.
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    Re: Hi there, I'm Luigirulz.

    Post by Karate Cat on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:12 pm

    Didn't expect to see you here..

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