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    Hello, I'm GardevoirtheShroob. You know, that sticky purple thing in your hair :)


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    Hello, I'm GardevoirtheShroob. You know, that sticky purple thing in your hair :)

    Post by GardevoirtheShroob on Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:45 pm

    Hello, here I am, I'm GardevoirtheShroob.
    You know, that icky, sticky purple thing that sticks in your hair Smile.

    No, I'm kidding. I'm one of the creators of Super Mario Bros. 2012: Doomsday and I'm a friend of BuzzNBen and Saturn/Supernova. No, I don't know them in real life, I just know them on YouTube since I made a few levels for Supernova's Super Mario Bros. 3 Advance. I also tried to help BuzzNBen with his SMB2011, but that went a little wrong, 'cause, well, I've got some personal things in my life that are really troublesome. Things in my family that are kinda worse.
    In real life I'm Bas, a Dutch 15-years old who's pretty good in drawing, both pixel-art and on paper with pen, but I won't call myself a deviantARTist. I just enjoy drawing and my hobby is animating games with my characters in Adobe Flash.
    I have a few good friends as well in real life and I like school because of them Smile.

    But because of my family problems, well, I won't always have time, I'm a little unconfident in myself and sometimes I might get a little angry at people. So if I'm not that friendly sometimes, please forgive me and I'm always willing to apologize and be friends again. Sometimes it's just my emotions regarding my family gaining the upper hand. I'm sorry.
    Still I hope I'll have a fun time on this board and helping BuzzNBen with SMB2012: Doomsday, so aside from those few negativities, please ignore them and let's have fun here Very Happy.

    Now, time to talk about fangaming, 'cause that's the topic here Very Happy.

    My previous fangame projects:
    -Super Mario 2009: The Stars Story. My first fangame in Game Maker. It's a terrible glitchfest, but the story's one of my favorites I ever wrote. 1000 years ago there was an old Stars Story, a prophecy about the Power Stars. It prophesized that Shroobs would come and in the present, Peach is kidnapped by Princess Shroob and Mario has to defeat her. The game eventually became Super Mario 2010, but was sadly never finished and probably nobody on MFGG nor the Internet still knows of its existence (speaking of MFGG, I'm not there anymore).
    -Super Toadette World. One of my best fangames up to now I think, but it never really got off the ground because my computer broke and I lost everything, including SM2009: The Stars Story.
    -New Princess Shroob World: An unique 2D shooter starring Princess Shroob, but the event where my computer broke forced me to cancel it too.
    -Mario: New Darkness. In my fanatic Kingdom Hearts fan phase, I thought of creating a Mario and KH crossover 'cause those were my fave games. It failed in style, but one of the characters, Cajkx, is still one of my main characters. Canceled after my interests started moving away from Kingdom Hearts.

    Ongoing projects:
    -Super Mario World Advance (Flash game). Unlike most SMW Flash games, this one strives to have accurate SMW SNES physics. It'll also have things never seen before in Mario games. It's like an Advance version of Super Mario World like SMB3A by Supernova is to SMB3. I'll tell more of it later, now it's mostly a topic between me and Supernova.
    -Super Bas: Chaos through Time (Secret project). I say secret because it's for my friends, specially for them. I'm planning to release it on the Internet once it's done, but I need my friends' approval 'cause they appear in the game. The story is still secret, it's something only my friends know now and I'll reveal it later. You know, my friends might not like being put in a game that'll be released on Nonoba (not Newgrounds, they sure won't want it). The true name of the game (in Dutch) is ''Super Bas: Chaos door de Tijd''. I'll reveal one secret about it though: the villain is Lord Chaoticus, the dark lord of time, similar to Count Bleck but way different. I'll post a pixel art of him soon.

    So, goodbye for now. I'm going to eat my dinner soon.
    Goodbye and I hope I'll have a fun time here!
    On YouTube, you can reach me at BasChaoticusXIV, my channel. GardevoirtheShroob is still there, but I'm inactive at that account for now. So if you want to send me a message, send it to BasChaoticusXIX.
    Bye Wink


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    Re: Hello, I'm GardevoirtheShroob. You know, that sticky purple thing in your hair :)

    Post by BuzzNBen on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:39 am

    Welcome. Its nice to see you here. Once I get SMB2011 complete, we will start on the new project. Wink

    My Website isHere.
    My Youtube isHere.

    Main Administrator & Founder of Super Mario Brother 2012 Doomsday

    If you must ask, yes I'm a whovian.

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