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    What kind of music do you guys listen to?


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    What kind of music do you guys listen to?

    Post by GardevoirtheShroob on Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:10 pm

    Well, what kinds of music do you guys listen to?
    Pop, hip-hop, rock, metal, classic, rap?
    And what kinds of artists/bands?

    Me? I'm a big fan of Linkin Park, especially their album Meteora.
    My favorite track is Easier to Run, because I sometimes also feel like running away and leaving everyone and everything behind except one or two people I love most, but that's not the solution and never will be. It's an amazing hard-rock song. I also like their songs Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside, In The End and Figure.09, as well as The Catalyst and New Divide.
    Furthermore I listen to what you would call Dead by April, some Swedish metal band who play an unique ''pop-metal'' style; metal but with more melodic and rythmic sound and they bring emotions that people would have struggles with, like losing a person whom they love/is very important to them and the pain that comes with it.
    I also kinda like some rock bands from around the 1990's and 2000's.

    I don't really listen to pop, hip-hop, emo and such shit often. Don't really like it, I'm more of a rock kid.
    What do you guys listen to?
    Just interested Smile.

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