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    Super Mario Bros 2012 Doomsday Worlds List

    Post by BuzzNBen on Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:03 pm

    Hello. Here are the World plans for Super Mario Bros 2012:

    World 1 - Grasslands
    World 2 - Mushroom Peaks
    World 3 - Underworld
    World 4 - Mushroom Coast
    World 5 - Forest of Misconception
    World 6 - Mushroom Pacific
    World 7 - The Mountains
    World 8 - The Dark Lands
    World A - Maple Treeway (aka World 9)
    World B - Star Scrapper (aka World 10)
    World C - Outerspace (aka World 11)
    World D - TBA

    There are a total of 12 Worlds, 8 normal worlds, 4 secret worlds.

    [b]W1: Grasslands

    W2: Mushroom Peaks

    W3: Underworld

    W4: Mushroom Coast

    W5: Forest of Misconception

    W6: Mushroom Pacific

    W7: Mushroom Mountains

    Mini sub-world: Back in time to Mayan’s timeline:
    A short sub-world (read the storyline for information). After Mario is seemingly killed by Bowser, he ends up in the Mayan timeline because the Sage wrote his name somewhere, which declared him as the prophesized hero. Mario finds the knowledge to ''save the world’’ here and returns to his own time, where he opens the forgotten tomb with his knowledge. However, this doesn’t save the world, but releases an ancient spirit, who then starts to cause havoc and cause the end of the world.

    W8: End of the World:
    The ancient spirit starts to cause havoc and in this end of the world, everything literally explodes over time, meteors crash into the world, monsters wreak havoc and natural disasters happen. Not only that, in the final castle, all of the villains are fought once again one after each other after which the ancient spirit appears as the final boss of the plot, who is fought in multiple phases and is extremely powerful.

    WA: Maple Treeway
    Coming Soon

    WB: Star Scrapper
    Coming Soon

    WC: Outerspace
    Coming Soon

    WD: TBA
    Coming Soon

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