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    Join the Level Masters Submission Guidelines (CLICK HERE IF YOU'RE NEW)


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    Join the Level Masters Submission Guidelines (CLICK HERE IF YOU'RE NEW)

    Post by BuzzNBen on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:07 pm

    Hello. The Level Masters is a unique group of level designers who make awesome and creative levels for fangames.

    sspp03 is the Leader of the Level Masters
    Goombaking123 is the Assistant/Moderator of the Level Masters. True levels that are worthy enough, get moved to here. Levels that don't stay in Join the Level Masters.

    If you are a Level Master, you can make levels for Super Mario Bros 2012 Doomsday and/or SMW: All-Star Edition.

    ALL Level Masters MUST have at least made ONE level and submitted it in "Join Level Masters!"

    Level Masters get to see other Level Masters levels here in this forum.

    Level Masters CAN review levels. The Review scale:
    1 Star Rank - Poor and not eligable (Level too short, glitches, not fun, poor music, unoriginal, not possible, enemy overload, 1-up spamming, tileset problems, etc)
    2 Star Rank - An Attemp, not eligable (poor music, not fun, not possible, unoriginal, glitches)
    3 Star Rank - Ok, not eligable (possible, no glitches, original, Level too short)
    4 Star Rank - Good, eligable (possible, no glitches, original, fun)
    5 Star Rank - Great, eligable and worthy (possible, no glitches, original, fun, selective about music)

    Qualifiers MUST have a 4 Star Rank or 5 Star Rank to become a Level Master!!

    Level Masters MAY team up with other Level Masters and create a Level.

    Qualifiers MAY team up as well. If both are eligable and worthy, BOTH become Level Masters!

    That is all.

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