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    How to make levels in Hello and DeeY's Engine and Mods



    How to make levels in Hello and DeeY's Engine and Mods

    Post by Guest on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:14 pm

    The Guide

    Hello, I'm sspp03, one of the main level designers for SMWASE and SFF (S's First Fangame). Here, I'll show you how to be a great level designer and a level master.

    What you'll need

    If you are designing levels for a ROM hack, there are certain programs needed to do just that as well as the ROM (Google it, I'm not allowed to post links to ROM sites). But if you are desgining levels for a fangame, in this case, SMWASE, a program called Game Maker 8 Pro version is required as well as the developer's source needed to design levels. Sometimes, you'll need to create a tileset for a certain level you want to create.

    The Level Design Itself


    This is the fun part! Under the folder in bold text in Game Maker called rooms, that folder is the part where all sprites, objects, scripts, sounds, and backgrounds come to be played out. The first thing you need to do is to copy the level template (if its provided) and then paste the copied template in a folder. To copy a room and other stuff, right-click and then you see a small menu and click on the words that say "Duplicate". To create a folder to put the copied template in, you have to right-click the mouse button and you wil see a small menu. Click on the folder icon. Now that you put your copied template in, think about how the level design will actually turn out. Plan the level out in graph paper and write down your ideas or shout it. You also want to let your peers know what level you are designing. To set the height and width of the level, in rooms, look for the tab that says "settings". Backgrounds and tilesets are found under the 'tiles" tab, but the backgrounds to use must utilize the "backgrounds" tab. The objects to use are found under the "objects" tab. The views are not important but if you are creating a room from scratch, in Hello's Engines and mods, the view in room and port on screen must ALWAYS have a width of 320 pixels and a height of 240 pixels. The pixels is the measurement of the length and height in Game Maker. Object following must have no object following and an Hbor speed of 152 and a Vbor speed of 112. Hsp and Vsp is ALWAYS -1. The two boxes under the "views" tab must also be checked.


    Tip #1: Plan out the level in your head, write it down on graph paper, or discuss it with your friends.
    Tip #2: Make sure the level planned out has a setting, is creative, and follows a theme.
    Tip #3: The time and length of the level must be appropriate. Its unreasonable to have levels with big timers but a short length and vice versa. Similarly, the amount of obstacles placed must also be dependent on the timer.
    Tip #4: The background and tileset must compliment each other. Don't use tilesets and backgrounds that make the level seem out of place. (ex: Snow background, desert tiles)
    Tip #5: If a level has collectables such as the 5 Dragon Coins or an e-coin, it is recommended that the first coin is nearest to the start and the last coin be near the end of a level, but the collectable coins doesn't necessarily have to be easy to get, they need a catch in later levels but easier levels can be more generous.
    Tip #6: The theme is the most important thing levels and the overworld MUST have! The enemies, backgrounds, tilesets, and gimmicks used are all parts of the level theme. It sets aparts levels from other levels and can determine the success or failure of a level. Similarly, all levels in a world must follow a world theme.
    Tip #7: All levels in a solo project must be original and made by you, but in a team hack, levels must be original but doesn't have to be made by you.
    Tip #8: Remakes of famous and official Nintendo levels are frowned upon by default. It shows lack of creativity and unoriginality. If the remade level has a twist, its better than the remade level.
    Tip #9: 1-ups, 3-up moons, and areas where there is lots of coins should be hard to get or even in another room. Too many of those are unreasonable and its under the definition of "1-up Farming"
    Tip #10: Sometimes, slopes that the player can jump through are much more interesting than just flat land unless otherwise stated.
    Tip #11: Decorating the ground with some patterns like when you're hacking SMW is beneficial to the overall appeal of the level as long as it pertains to the theme.
    Tip #12: Koopa, Bullet Bill, Podoboo, and Ball-n'-Chain jumping, anything that requires jumping off enemies is frowned upon if its done in earlier levels. Later levels ca introduce this concept.
    Tip #13: Item babysitting can be cool sometimes but it also has a dark side to it. Backtracking is when you reverse the direction on where the player is going from the goal. Combine it with item babysitting, it can be a boost to level design but also can be a cheap way to increase level difficulty and length and can be unfair at times if there is no indicators as to where the object should be placed and the sheer amount of time to complete a level if its the main theme. Don't use it often as the main theme but its more recommended for secrets but keep it simple. If the level is big when it comes to playing it, there better be indicators and a fun puzzle element involved.

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