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    How To's for SMB2012


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    How To's for SMB2012

    Post by BuzzNBen on Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:20 pm

    We can use stuff from other engines and How-tos from MFGG.

    DeeY's Switch How-To:¶m=02&c=4&id=18104
    SMBmaster99's SMW Football Chuck:¶m=02&c=4&id=19464
    caveman's Twomp How-To:¶m=02&c=4&id=17901
    Mariomanx4's Pirahna Plants How-to:¶m=02&c=4&id=15674
    DeeY's Bullet Bill How-To:¶m=02&c=4&id=15812
    DeeY's Firebar Example:¶m=02&c=4&id=15658
    Flipiberke's Save files with .ini:¶m=02&c=4&id=15655
    SuperCapeMario's Cape How-To (maybe):¶m=02&c=4&id=15112

    And more to arrive!

    Supernovas examples:
    Random things:¶m=02&c=4&id=14395
    Multiple screenshots:¶m=02&c=4&id=21184

    Rare Enemies: vmjgs5

    Post more if you find any.

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    Re: How To's for SMB2012

    Post by misterbenjie on Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:12 am

    That rare enemies example is not available. I will probably delete this post when it's fixed.

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