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    Welcome to Super Mario Brothers 2012 Chat Adventures

    Post by BuzzNBen on Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:09 pm

    Here is a little chat adventure to start out.

    KarateCat: DINKLEBERG!
    KarateCat: Hey, you know tonight they are going to the Fairly Odd Movie...
    BuzzNBen: WHA!!? Really cool.
    *** Dinkleberg joined #smbchat
    KarateCat: !!!
    Dinkleberg: Hello, my name is Dinkleberg.
    KarateCat: Hi.
    *** TimmyTurnersDad joined #smbchat
    Dinkleberg: Hi Mr.Turner! Long time no see.
    TimmyTurnersDad: DINKLEBERG!!!
    KarateCat: !!!
    KarateCat:Wait a sec...
    *** KarateCat left #smbchat
    Dinkleberg: Bye cat dude!!
    TimmyTurnersDad: Yea. Good ridence.
    *** KarateCat joined #smbchat
    KarateCat: I'm a back!
    DinklebergWelcome back cat dude!
    KarateCat: Uh oh!
    TimmyTurnersDad: Oh HONEY!!? How do I leave the chat room!!?
    KarateCat: Timmy's Dad is at it!
    TimmyTurnersDad: ^.^
    TimmyTurnersDad: DIE DINKLEBERG!!
    Dinkleberg: O_O
    *** Mario joined #smbchat
    Dinkleberg: Whats wrong Mr.Turner?
    Mario: Ho ho! Hello its a me mario!
    BuzzNBen:Hey. Mario of the mushroom Kingdom joined us.
    Mario: Is it time for you to type?
    KarateCat: !!!
    KarateCat: Wowzers!
    BuzzNBen: I know right?
    *** Bowser joined #smbchat
    Bowser: Where did that Mario go?!
    BuzzNBen: AW!! CRAP!! The koopa king is here to steal the princess!
    Dinkleberg: Hello friendly lizard.
    Bowser: Theres no princess here?! How dare you?!
    TimmyTurnersDad: HEY! WHATS THE BIG IDEA!!?
    KarateCat: King Koopa?!
    BuzzNBen: What on earth is going ON!?!
    Bowser: I'm going to take over the Cul-De-Sac!
    TimmyTurnersDad: You tell me Bee!
    Bowser: Or neightborhood, or whatever!
    BuzzNBen: O...k...
    Bowser: BWA HAH HAH HAH!
    KarateCat: What in the?!
    BuzzNBen:Too bad Mario already warned them.
    *** Luigi joined #smbchat
    Luigi: Mario? MARIO?!
    KarateCat: Weegee!
    KarateCat: Er I mean... Luigi!
    TimmyTurnersDad: Huh!!? Dinkleberg left!!?
    Bowser: BWA HAH HAH!!
    *** TimmyTurnersDad quit (Quit http// ajax IRC Client)
    --- BuzzNBen: has banned *!*
    *** Dinkleberg was kicked by BuzzNBen: (BuzzNBen:)
    BuzzNBen:And you too Turner!
    Bowser: First Mario and now Luigi! This is just outrageous!
    KarateCat: There goes Luigi...
    Bowser: BWA HAH HAH!
    KarateCat: Stop that...
    Bowser: How dare you!
    KarateCat: SILENCE!
    Bowser: NO!!
    BuzzNBen: I KILL YOU!!
    --- BuzzNBen: has banned *!*
    *** Bowser was kicked by BuzzNBen: (BuzzNBen:)
    BuzzNBen: YEA! TAKE THAT B****!!! Har Har!
    *** KarateCat quit (Quit http// ajax IRC Client)

    THE END!!!??

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